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3 Articles MethodSCRIPT™

The EmStat Pico potentiostat module works with the new MethodSCRIPT™ scripting language. This language allows developers to program a human-readable script directly into the Pico module by means of a serial (TTL) connection. The simple script language allows for running electrochemical techniques supported by EmStat Pico and makes it easy to combine different measurements and other tasks.

2 Articles Software Development Kits for .NET

When do I need the SDK’s for .NET?

We have a collection of .NET SDK’s available for use with all our EmStat modules or research instruments. They allow you to:

– easily connect to instruments;
– run measurements;
– store data in PSTrace / PStouch compatible format;
– peak detection;
– equivalent circuit fitting;
– manually control the cell;
– and many other things.

Do I need the .NET SDK’s for EmStat Pico?

No, but you can if you want to. EmStat Pico uses the developer friendly MethodSCRIPT. The MethodSCRIPT code examples are not based on the .NET SDK’s. 

1 Article Tutorials

In this section you find an overview of tutorials.