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OEM Products

Together with Analog Devices Inc., PalmSens now proudly presents the EmStat Pico: the world smallest potentiostat module available on the market.

The EmStat Pico potentiostat module will reduce risk and the time-to-market of your electrochemical application.

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Application areas

Our OEM product range is used in a wide range of different fields of electrochemistry.

These examples show how our products are used as part of an embedded system or how we have provided a tailored end-user product for a specific application.

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PalmSens OEM products are ready to be used in point-of-care sensor applications that test e.g. saliva.

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Remote monitoring of coatings is easy using the impedance capabilities of the EmStat Pico.

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Our OEM solutions provide on site monitoring of environmental parameters using battery powered instruments.

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Our tailored OEM products are used to determine the quality of agricultural products.

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The small form factor of the EmStat Pico allows the development of wearables that continuously monitor perspiration.

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PalmSens provides Educational Kits that will speed up your development for an electrochemistry course or a lab class.

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OEM Product Categories

EmStat Modules

Overview of our Embedded Potentiostat modules

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Development Kits

Overview of our Development Kits for EmStat modules

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Market-Ready Solutions

Options we provide for tailored solutions

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Software Development

We provide a selection of libraries and code examples for different languages and platforms. These allow you to rapidly develop the software for your EmStat project.