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Wearable sensors are becoming more and more popular although still mainly in the sports and fitness environment. The sensor e.g. a pedometer, provides continuous measurements and stores the data on a smart device, usually a phone or watch.

Customers nowadays want to know more, record more and analyse more, the market for really smart sensors is increasing. Sensor development for perspiration analysis is well on it’s way, the EmStat Pico is the perfect candidate to accelerate that development. The size and low power consumption make it the perfect platform for a wearable smart detection device.

Wearable Device

If you are interested to develop your own tailored wearable device, please do not hesitate to contact us. All OEM customers get full support from our development team. We can also help with the development of a carrier board or even develop a full custom design based on EmStat technology.

We can handle small and large volume production. At PalmSens BV we have all disciplines in-house that you need for the development of your (custom) device.

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