Market-ready solutions

PalmSens BV provides services for tailored solutions.
The EmStat Go can be tailored to suit the requirements for your sensor application. Its modular design allows for easy adaptation with limited setup costs, making this an economical choice starting at (very) low quantities. 

Sensor interface module

The EmStat Go is a battery powered*, handheld potentiostat which consists of a standard base unit and a customer-specific Sensor Extension module. The extension module can be equipped with one or more sensor connectors, temperature sensor, or other interface units you require for your sensor application.

Drop Detection

The EmStat Go can be equipped with automatic drop detection to have a PC or mobile app start the measurement automatically as soon as the droplet is present.

The EmStat Go’s modular design allows the Sensor Extension module to be easily replaced in the field. This enables your customers to upgrade the reader they already have without the need to send it back.

Optional battery for connecting via Bluetooth

A battery compartment for replaceable Li-Ion battery is optional.

A fully charged battery allows the EmStat Go to run >6h of continuous measurements.


Please contact PalmSens BV to discuss your requirements in further detail.