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Introduction to MethodSCRIPT™

The EmStat Pico potentiostat module works with the new MethodSCRIPT™ scripting language. This language allows developers to program a human-readable script directly into the Pico module by means of a serial (TTL) connection. The simple script language allows for running electrochemical techniques supported by EmStat Pico and makes it easy to combine different measurements and other tasks.

More script features include:

  • Use of variables
  • (Nested) loops
  • Logging results to an SD card
  • Digital I/O for example for waiting for an external trigger
  • Reading auxiliary values like pH or temperature
  • Going to (deep) sleep mode

Supported by PSTrace

Our PSTrace software for Windows supports and generates MethodSCRIPT. This means you can connect the EmStat Pico Development Board to your PC via Bluetooth or USB and start running measurements right away. Scripts for the EmStat Pico are generated instantly based on the selected techniques and method parameters used.